The Transforming
Family Of Origin
Wounds Course

Become the NEW you without
your lifelong programming


Dear NARP Member

Congratulations on diligently working through the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program and waving goodbye to the narcissists in your life.

Are you ready to now fine-tune your healing power and dissolve ALL of your family trauma?

Let Me Show You How To...

Heal your dysfunctional childhood programming and flourish in life as a mature empowered adult.

Heal ancestral wounds for yourself, your children and future generations so you can all Thrive in life.

Heal, download and balance out positive female and male energy so you can have truly fulfilling relationships with yourself, life and others.

As a member of the Thriver Community, you understand that family of origin trauma is hugely impactful, and you may suspect that there are more wounds for you to find and heal.

What would be the benefit of this?

The unlocking of your highest potential for inner peace and loving interpersonal relationships.

Does This Sound
Like You?

You are still fraught with pain, confusion, regret or angst regarding your parents or family members, and want to relieve these feelings and/or relationships.

You have fears that your child or children are following in the programs of past and painful family patterns. You want to be a powerful healing agent for your future generations.

And ... maybe as a woman you have struggled to be powerful and lovingly feminine simultaneously. Or as a man you have not known how to connect to your nurturing, receptive side whilst remaining masculine and progressive.

Unknowingly, what we took on as children created our painful results as adults.

As a member of the Thriver Community, you understand that family of origin trauma is hugely impactful, and you may suspect that there are more wounds for you to find and heal.

We were open little sponges without a reasoning brain protecting us from taking on powerful painful messages. These messages were unfortunately absorbed directly into our subconscious – and were not our fault!

Mother and Father wounds can be immense, even if your parents weren’t narcissists, and these wounds relate to how effectively we are able to love,

accept and approve of ourselves. They also relate to who we love, and how we will be loved by others.

We also suffered specific male and female wounding, which not only affected our interactions with people of the same and opposite sex, but also profoundly affected our ability to "mother" and "father" ourselves healthily, lovingly and supportively.

What I Achieved Personally
With This Course

I knew that if I didn’t clean up my existing family wounds that my relationships with all others would be severely impacted.

I also knew that to be my True Self as a woman – self-actualised and powerful, yet tenderly loving – that I had to discover how to safely be in my feminine power. I had to heal from the stereotype of my forebears, which was about handing power away and dimming down.

I decided to create a laser-like healing focus into healing my Family of Origin traumas and gender based limiting and painful beliefs.

The results were incredible.

Most of my family relationships up-levelled beyond description. I was able for the first time in my life to enjoy certain family members without angst and pain.

I could honestly speak up for what I wanted, and was seen and met. This had never happened before.

Numerous healthy and whole relationships came into my life, professionally and personally.

My connection with my son and his evolution transformed beyond recognition.

And ... for the first time EVER I was able to generate a soulmate intimate relationship with a man who FULLY accepts me as myself. I am able to be powerful, yet real and vulnerable, whilst fully supported by him in my missions.

No competition, envy or being threatened by me.

That was a dream I thought I would NEVER experience!

This Course is a Complete System For Healing Childhood Wounds

My intention with this Course was to find a system to locate wounding, not only from Mothers and Fathers, but from any influential or authority figure you experienced as a child.

This includes anyone that your subconscious is still holding painful beliefs and emotional energy on – such as a grandparent, sibling, teacher, relative, neighbour, etc.

This Course grants you the best ability to

Embrace your sacred feminine energy, and re-ignite your passion and dreams, whilst being fully yourself.

Embody your sacred masculine energy, and reclaim your personal power.

Become balanced, integrated, at peace and highly effective not just in interpersonal connection and communion, but in every area of your life.

The Transforming Family Of Origin Wounds Course guides you to trace back your family wounding from the very beginning – often going back through many generations. With easy step-by-step guidance on how to do this, you’ll be able to identify which painful subconscious programming to take to the two powerful Quanta Freedom Healings.

Quanta Freedom Healing - Transforming Female Energy

By applying the Divine Female Energy healing you will be able to care for, nurture and heal your emotional wounds taken on from your female family members and previous generations. You’ll be liberated to attract more loving, genuine and nurturing females into your life while providing yourself and others with unconditional, yet powerful, love and acceptance.

Quanta Freedom Healing - Transforming Male Energy

By following the Divine Male Energy healing you will gain a strong sense of self-belief and become more assertive, authentic and supportive by downloading the Divine Male Energy. Release and heal the wounds you took on from your male family members and previous generations and attract more loving and stable men into your life.

Full Money
Back Guarantee

The Transforming Family of Origin Wounds Course is backed up by a promise that if you don’t receive incredible and real life changing results within 30 days of going through the Course, your money will be refunded, no questions asked and certainly no hard feelings.

That means you have a full 30 days to try the Course with no risk!

All you have to do is send one email to [email protected] within 30 days to receive your full money-back refund.

Please understand that this is not a stand-alone Course – it is an add-on to the Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, and it is essential to have worked through NARP before doing the fine-tuning of this Course.

This Course is a magnified focus, to first of all identify, and then very deeply and DIRECTLY heal your wounds from your family of origin.

Are you ready to master your female and male energies and become a New You who is NO longer defined by childhood programs?

Start Transforming Your Family Of Origin Wounds Today

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